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 As a trusted Advisor, your clients in Florida have come to rely upon your advice regarding financial issues affecting their daily lives and long term goals. With a large emerging number of new retirees living longer, 20-25 years, there is a greater need to establish an additional source of liquidity

The Reverse Mortgage has Ceased to be a “Last Resort” Planning Tool. Today, it is much more! It can be a Stand-By Strategic Funding Tool!

Strategic consumption of the home’s equity through a Reverse Mortgage, in lieu of consuming the value of investment assets, could help drive their growth.

The Borrowers can choose to receive the Tax-Free* proceeds in one of 4 ways:
1) Lump Sum or,
2) Monthly Advances (tenure or term) or,
3) a
GROWING CreditLine or,
4) a combination of 1, 2 and 3 above.

Interest accrues only on the outstanding debt. On the CreditLine or Monthly Advances options, unused proceeds do not accrue interest until the funds are received.

The uses listed below should NOT be the primary reasons to get a Reverse Mortgage. However, it could also provide funds for financial opportunities:

● Estate Preservation,
● Reduce Taxable Estate,
● Avoid selling assets and paying Capital Gains Tax,
● Additional source of liquidity,
● Reduce taxable Accts. withdrawals,
● Manage market volatility,
● Charitable or Sect. 529 Gifts,
● Portfolio Growth / Survivability,
● Life Insurance Trust -“2nd to die policy”,

Tax Free* Cash Reserve with a GROWING CreditLine,
● No Pre-Payment penalty,,
● A partial pre-payment will increase CreditLine (if that  option chosen).
● Portion of a Pre-payment applicable to interest could be tax deductible*.
● etc...
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* We do not provide legal, financial or tax advise. Consult competent Financial/Tax/Legal advisor.

There are many myths today about reverse mortgage products and services. For this reason our organization is currently educating and working with other financial professionals such as: CPA’s, Estate Attorneys, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Credit Unions and Banks, to dispel the myths and set the record straight.  Call me today or fill in the form provided below!

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Home Purchase
Reverse Mortgage Financing Program

Financial Advisors, Why should you care about this program?

Now a Senior HomeBuyer can purchase a primary home in Florida with Reverse Mortgage Financing.

Borrower makes NO Mortgage payments as long as a Borrower lives the home as Primary Residence, pays property taxes, insurance and maintains it in good condition.

Your Clients are going to buy that $200,000 house cash to avoid paying P&I monthly payments. Ie: With Reverse Mortgage financing, a 67 year old would have to bring to Closing an estimated $106,817 (including Closing costs).

They would preserve an estimated $93,183 in liquidity in their bank.

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We can partner with you and/or your client as a resource to educate them on which of our Plans best serves their needs. We would be happy to provide you with information, product material or visit with you about our programs.

Please contact me at 786-262-6486 or email:  We look forward to sharing this exciting information with you and your colleagues.

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