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New ProprietaryJUMBO Reverse Mortgage for Houses and CONDOS Up to $6,000,000

October 12th, 2018 11:11 AM by Juan Luis Rodriguez-Kohly

JUMBO 60 Plus
If Your, or your Clients House or CONDO in Florida Is Worth up to $6,000,000, We Offer You Higher Proceeds With a New Proprietary
Reverse Mortgage!

Finally, we are now offering a new Propietary JUMBO Reverse Mortgage from 60 years of age and up

Available for Refinance and Purchase. Owner Occupied:1 to 4 families Residences, Townhomes, and  CONDOS.

This, immediately, opens the possibility for many Hi-Value Homeowners to obtain a Reverse Mortgage for a larger Proceeds than with the FHA Reverse Mortgage.

If you live in a Hi-Value Condo or Home and have not obtained a Reverse Mortgage yet, call me. See if this Reverse Mortgage could help you.

1) Values from the $200,000’s up to $6,000,000.*
2) Condo Projects  NO  FHA approval*.
3) No Mortgage Insurance.
) Minimum Age 60 years old. (all owners)
(*other terms and Conditions may apply. Subject to changes without prior notice, errors and/or ommissions. Condos Lender approval required).

Please provide this Information: (*Required)

*Name: _______________________________
*Street address: _________________________
*Unit #: ____   City: _____________*Zip: _______
*Florida County: ______________
Estimated value: $____________
*Total Amount Owed (all liens): $____________
*Tel: _________________
Email: _________________________________
*Date of Birth-Owner 1: _____/____/19_____
Date of Birth-Owner 2: _____/____/19_____

Send to
or Fax 786-345-0783 or by mail.

OR Online

Values have risen! Call today!

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Posted by Juan Luis Rodriguez-Kohly on October 12th, 2018 11:11 AM

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