FHA requires, that you provide us with certain information that verifies who you are and your age, credit and income (other documents may be required). Please have the following information ready when we meet.

FROM ALL BORROWERS   (US Citizens and Legal Residents)

q Counseling Certificate: Original of the signed and dated Certificate.

 Identification: A color copy of your valid Florida Driver‘s License or State issued picture ID – face must be recognizable.  In its place:  valid passport, Military ID. 

Social Security: A legible copy of your signed Social Security card (not metal cards) or a copy of your signed Medicare card. (If you are 65+).

1)  Copies of the Last two years Taxes. (ALL PAGES, ALL SCHEDULES).       
2)  Last 2 years W2 and/or 1099 
   q If employed: Pay Stubs,  last 30 days,      
   q  If Self-Employed:  Profit & Loss Statement Year-to-date
3) Award/Benefit Letters from Government.

q  Copies of the last 2 Bank Statements from ALL Accounts.  ALL PAGES.

 Copies of last Statement from ALL Investments (Stocks, Bonds, IRA, 401k, Pensions, etc…)

q Last Mortgage and/or HELOCs Statement(s)

q Copies of Declaration Pages of HO, Windstorm and/or Flood insurance Policies.
Credit Report



OTHER Specific Cases (if applicable)

q IF BORROWER(S) OWN(S) OTHER PROPERTIES: Information on EACH:  1) Address, 2) County and State where located  3) if it is Investment or 2nd Home,  4) Property Tax Bill,   5) ALL Insurance Policies’ Declaration pages  6) HOA Payment and 24 month history of payments.  7) Rent Roll.
q Trust: Must be revocable. Please provide copy of the complete document prior to application.
q BANKRUPTCY: Chap. 7: 24 months wait from discharge. Chap. 13: 12 months no late payments and Court Authorization if not discharged.  Copy of entire package Prior to application..
q Legal Resident (Green Card): color copy of both sides of the card (face must be recognizable).

q POWER OF ATTORNEY (POA): If Borrower has a Power of Attorney: Notify us and Provide copy Prior to  the Counseling Session for evaluation. POA must participate in the counseling and be named in the Certificate. POA Requirements: It must be Durable (continues in effect if the borrower becomes incompetent); Give the right to purchase and encumber the property; Revocable; Executed by a competent borrower PRIOR TO the date of application. Provide a color copy of the POA’s photo ID and Social Security Card prior to the time the application is submitted. Please consult your attorney. If a Borrower is incompetent or incapacitated: a letter from Physician stating date of incompetence or incapacitation.
  CO-SIGNER for another person’s debt: copy of Contract and of the last 12 cancelled check paid by person.

ALTERNATIVE CREDIT: Utilities and Personal Loans: Last Statements from: a) electricity,  b) Water/sewer  c) Telephone.  d) Personal Loans: Last Statement AND last 12 cancelled checks.

q Divorce: Divorce Decree and Property Settlement agreement, if ex-spouse’s name on Title and/or Mortgage.

q Death Certificate: Original. If deceased if Spouse’s name on Title and/or Mortgage.

ALTERNATIVE CREDIT: Utilities and Personal Loans: Last Statements from: a) electricity,  b) Water/sewer  c) Telephone.  d) Personal Loans: Last Statement AND last 12 cancelled checks.


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Please fill in the information required to provide you with a free, no obligation estmate. It is best if you indicate Date of Birth instead of just age. If you provide age, please include age on your nearest birthday. We Understand that you may be in the information gathering stage and may not be ready to open up about who you are and your needs at this time. If you are not comfortable providing all your contact information that is perfectly ok. Just enter your email address so that we can send you the information you are requesting. If you do not provide all, the information will be limted. You will not be contacted by telephone unless you request it. Please be assured that your information will be strictly confidential will never be shared by me with any third party for other purposes. thank you View Privacy Policy: ESPANOL Entendemos que Ud. pudiera estar en la etapa de recabar información solamente y no desee pro

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