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Florida Seniors have a great need of advice regarding financial issues affecting their daily lives and long term goals. Today, with retirees living longer, there is a greater need to establish an additional source of liquidity to complement their Retirement income.

The Reverse Mortgage has Ceased to be a “Last Resort” Planning Tool. Today, it is much more! It can be a Stand-By Strategic Funding Tool for a Lower Cost Structuring!

Strategic consumption of the home’s equity through a Reverse Mortgage, in lieu of consuming the value of investment assets, could help drive the growth of other assets.

You can choose to receive the Tax-Free* proceeds in one of 4 ways:
1) Lump Sum or,
2) Monthly Advances or,
3) a
GROWING CreditLine or,
4) a combination of 1, 2 and 3 above.

Interest accrues only on outstanding debt. On the CreditLine or Monthly Advances options, unused proceeds do not accrue interest until funds received.

The uses listed below should NOT be the primary reasons to get a Reverse Mortgage. However, it could also provide opportunities for financial planning:

● Avoid selling assets and paying Capital Gains Tax,
● Estate Preservation,
● Reduce Taxable Estate,
● Additional source of liquidity,
● Reduce taxable IRA withdrawals,
● Manage market volatility,
● Charitable or Sect. 529 Educ. Gifts,
● Delay Social Security,
● Portfolio Growth / Survivability,
● Life Insurance Trust -“2nd to die policy”,

Tax Free* Cash Reserve with a GROWINGCreditLine. (if option chosen),
● No Pre-Payment penalty (partial or full),
● A partial pre-payment will increase CreditLine
(if that option chosen),
● Portion of a Pre-payment applicable to interest could be tax deductible*,
● etc...
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There are many myths today about reverse mortgage products and services. For this reason our organization is currently working with other financial professionals such as: CPA’s, Estate Attorneys, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Credit Unions and Banks, to dispel the myths and set the record straight.  It will help your Advisors to better assist you. Please
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