JUMBO Reverse Mortgages

We are NOW offering a JUMBO 55 PLUS
Proprietary Reverse Mortgage for the
more affluent Florida Homeowners
from 55 years of Age. 

Available for Refinance or Purchase. For Owner Occupied 1 to 4 Families Residences, Townhomes and Condos*, valued from the $800,000’s up to a Maximum Loan Amount of  $4,000,000.

PURCHASE:  1-2 Families, Townhomes, and Condos*. To be occupied by Buyers as Primary Residence.

One of the greatest misconceptions about the Reverse Mortgage (RM) is that it is “only for poor people”.

The Conventional JUMBO 55 Plus Reverse Mortgage has all to do with the financial needs of the more affluent homeowners. It is for those wanting access to higher amounts of tax free cash for whatever they want to use it for.

Many homeowners are sitting on hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on idle equity on their homes. A JUMBO 55 Plus Reverse Mortgage is the easy way to have access to part of the Equity on your home to obtain a better return*.

Some ideas on how you can use the funds from a JUMBO 55 Plus Reverse Mortgage*:

Wise Tactical Borrowing for Estate & Retirement Planning*

· Wealth preservation. 

· Reduce taxable estate.

· Consolidate High Interest Debt.

· Avoid liquidating other HIGH YIELD investments or assets. 

· Avoid paying Capital Gains Taxes

· Charitable gifts with Tax Free cash. 

· Purchase Single Premium Life Insurance. 

· Purchase Single Premium Long Term Care Insurance

· Trust & Venture funding.

· Buy a second home or investment property. 

· Investments. • etc...

*Consult you tax, financial and/or legal advisor.  Terms and conditions apply

Other Practical Uses

· Supplement your income. 

· Pay off mortgages and other debts.

· Pay taxes and Insurance.

· Hire Domestic help.

· Buy/Repair car.

· Eliminate monthly payments.

· Home improvement.

· Travel.

· Pay living and health care expenses.

· Help with grandchildren's education.

· Share inheritance in life, watch them enjoy it.

· or any way you like.

Please use the confidential form provided below to request a more complete estimate of Benefits from a JUMBO REM.

Request Funds Estimate From a Reverse Mortgage

Please fill in the information required to provide you with a free, no obligation estmate. It is best if you indicate Date of Birth instead of just age. If you provide age, please include age on your nearest birthday. We Understand that you may be in the information gathering stage and may not be ready to open up about who you are and your needs at this time. If you are not comfortable providing all your contact information that is perfectly ok. Just enter your email address so that we can send you the information you are requesting. If you do not provide all, the information will be limted. You will not be contacted by telephone unless you request it. Please be assured that your information will be strictly confidential will never be shared by me with any third party for other purposes. thank you View Privacy Policy: http://HappySeniorHomeOwners.com/PrivacyPolicy ESPANOL Entendemos que Ud. pudiera estar en la etapa de recabar información solamente y no desee pro

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