Dear Florida Senior Homebuyers:

NOW, HomeBuyers 60 years of age or older can PURCHASE a
House or CONDO in Florida up to a maximum Loan Amount of  
$4,000,000 with
Reverse Mortgage Financing.

Both FHA and Proprietary  Reverse Mortgages Available.
Owner Occupied Properties: 1-4 families Residences, Townhouses, and NOW CONDOS from

Borrowers DO NOT make any Principal & Interest payments after closing,  as long as one of them lives it as primary residence, pay taxes, insurance, any property charges.

Examples -  Based On Age of Youngest Buyer:

Purchase Price*






Equity Elite

P & I Payment


Cash Required To Close (Including Closing Costs)*
















Please Note: if your 70 years old Buyer has:
1) $700,000 to buy All Cash, Buyer could buy a $1,000,000 home with 5744,838

2) $600,000 to buy All Cash, Buyer could buy a $700,000 home with $337,852
3) $200,000 to buy All Cash, Buyer could buy a $300,000 home with $148,172

INCLUDING Closing Costs! Do your Real Estate Math!

*Estimates Based   on  age of youngest  buyer-borrower, at  HECM: CMT Expected Annual Adjusstable Rate of 3,120%,  or Equity Elite: Fixed Annual Rate 7.125% ,7.558% APR.* Lesser of Purchase Price or Appraised Value or FHA Lending Limit of $822,375 for 2021. Or Equity Elite Maximum Loan Amount of $3,000,000. Subject to Financial Assessment and other conditions. Pre-Paids not included in Closing Costs. Equity Elite Condo Proceeds Lower than SFR (shown here),  Condos Project approval by Equity Elite Lender reqiured.  Individual Condo Units approval by FHA required. Subject to errors and omissions and Interest and Program changes without prior notice.     12/4/2020


Call me for more information at 786-262-6486 or email me Request Purchase Estimate by email or eFax at 786-345-0783 or use the form provided at the bottom of the page

Act today! Do not pass up the opportunity to buy without having to make monthly payments. Call me today!


PS: As a Loan Originator, a Senior and having a Reverse Mortgage on my own home, I can assure you that it can be a blessing for many Seniors.

Send this link to your REALTOR to learn more about the Program!

*  View a Reverse Mortgage Home Purchase Presentation  



Reverse Mortgage Home Purchase Estimate Request

If you are Realtor for a Senior Buyer please fill only the Last Name of your customer as identifier. Any contact will be through you. Please include as much requested information as possible. Estimates will be more accurate when Dates of Birth are provided. If you prefer you can print the form and fax it to 786-345-0783 or email it to View Privacy Policy:

HECM PURCHASE ESTIMATE Request Information Form

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