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Thank you very much for visiting my Site about the wonderful, life changing Reverse Mortgage for Florida Senior HomeOwners and HomeBuyers

Here you will find most of the information you will need to make a well thought-out decission as to whether you need a Reverse Mortgage or not.

I Made it For You!

This marvelous Program created by an Act of Congress in 1989, developed by The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and insured by Federal Housing Administration (FHA), has proven to be a blessing, life changing opportunity for hundred of thousands of Seniors, myself included.

We have seen a great improvement in our lifestyles.

I have a Reverse Mortgage on my own home. I highly recommend it (if you need it).

Click on the Links that drop from  "English Reverse " to  read the  information you will need.

Don't hesitate to call me with any question. I am here to help you.


Juan Luis

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A Senior Helping Seniors With Ethics and Consideration!

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Please fill in the information required to provide you with a free, no obligation estmate. It is best if you indicate Date of Birth instead of just age. If you provide age, please include age on your nearest birthday. We Understand that you may be in the information gathering stage and may not be ready to open up about who you are and your needs at this time. If you are not comfortable providing all your contact information that is perfectly ok. Just enter your email address so that we can send you the information you are requesting. If you do not provide all, the information will be limted. You will not be contacted by telephone unless you request it. Please be assured that your information will be strictly confidential will never be shared by me with any third party for other purposes. thank you View Privacy Policy: http://HappySeniorHomeOwners.com/PrivacyPolicy ESPANOL Entendemos que Ud. pudiera estar en la etapa de recabar información solamente y no desee pro

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